Take a Part Time MBA

Take a Part Time MBA

Now, more than ever before, Toronto is seeking motivated business people to foster a strong Canadian economy. Business is an international field, with experts coming into Canada to work or start companies from Asia, the United States, and other parts of the world. If Canada wants to compete in a global economy, the country has to grow its own business experts, particularly in a major financial district such as Toronto.

Working and Studying

To become a top player in business, individuals often feel that they need to obtain their Master of Business Administration. These are Canadians with responsible jobs in accounting and management. They often have families. Such individuals are not young adults. Part time business students have responsibilities during the day, yet they know that investing in studies now will make their earning potential stronger. How can they arrange their schedules to fit in full-time jobs, spend time with family, and go to school?

Enrolling in a Part Time MBA

At Laurier Business School of Ontario, Canada, business students are fitting in every aspect of busy lives. It is a mark of their motivation and energy that they can balance many responsibilities, including returning to school, sometimes in their forties and fifties. Pupils are taking part time MBA studies at one of two campuses: Toronto or Waterloo. These studies include specialties in business areas of which more than 10 are offered. They include golf and resort management, supply chain management, accounting, and marketing. Students are able to simultaneously achieve an MBA and specialist certification. Some will fast track their degrees. Others choose to spread their course work out over a longer period of time to keep peace at work and at home.

How Much Work Is a Part Time MBA?

There are a few ways to approach studies as a part time student. You could become a weekend pupil, going to classes every second weekend for 10 months (Friday night and all day Saturday). This will take less than 3 ½ years. Another approach is to attend evening classes two nights a week for 2 ½ hours. Achieving an MBA will take 2.3 years this way.

Finally, students can learn and work cooperatively. They go to school during some daytime hours and go to work some of the time if an employer is willing to accommodate such an arrangement. It is often in an employer’s best interest because he can supply growth from within.

Whatever way you go about taking a part time MBA, the process should take anything from 2.3 years to 5 years.

Who Can Apply

To apply for an MBA, students must have achieved 73% or better as undergraduates in any course of study. Although the degree achieved is not important, aptitude for business will be tested. If this score is adequate, students are also required to speak, write, and read English proficiently. Applicants must have worked full-time for a minimum of 2 years. Only domestic students are able to apply for part time courses. They are required to furnish letters of reference which prove they are not wasting the instructors’ time. View here to learn more about part time MBA programs.

Article by Philip Peterson

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