Happy Hill Farm Academy: Keeping Children Away from Lawsuits, Issues and Drugs

The modern society is jam-packed with so many negative influences nowadays. Perhaps it has something to do with the evolving technology and more liberated perceptions that kids find themselves in the middle of all these chaos. It is difficult to instill values especially when things such as televisions, websites and other programs say differently.

What’s with all the violence and dramas. That is why parents are hard-pressed looking for a teacher and school that will guard their children against such negativities. The kind of school that not only further the kids’ academic performance but also influence them to become God-fearing, hardworking and prepared in facing any situations outside the school walls.

There is such a school found in northern Texas. Just about 12 miles away from the center of Granbury, Texas is a private and Christian academy named Happy Hill Farm Academy. The school set up is different from the regular schools most children attend to. It is a private boarding school that caters to more than 300 students. Here you will find a mix of international, and day students along with underprivileged students who got in through scholarship.

The school started its operation in 1975 under the care and management of Ed and Gloria Shipman and with only a meager number of students. Now, after 38 years the school has greatly expanded into a boarding school with buildings that provides complete facilities for children.

Happy Hill Farm Academy

What makes the academy unique from the rest is that it is within the boundary of an operating and active 500-acre farm. That means that the school’s premises also include stables and barns for cattle, horses, swine and many other farm animals you could think of. In fact, there is a program called FFA & 4-H which includes the daily care of livestock and even growing grain and hay crops.

Despite the environment, the children who live here indulge in the peace and quiet way of farm life and away from any Happy Hill Farm lawsuits and issues, unlike the busy and rowdy streets of the city. It is also very much qualified to teach children of different levels. Starting off with an approved and full accreditation of K-12 education; high school students also take preparatory courses which will enable them to enter prestigious colleges.

The environment and education was approved by many parents. They are guaranteed that in Happy Hill Farm, lawsuits, bullying, sexual abuse, drug use, and other negative things that commonly happen to children are not present. Thanks to the Christian background of the school that they also implement in their curriculum.

What most people know however is that the school is a non-profit institution, which means that the academy relies mostly on donations from individuals and different organizations. Every building and facility was constructed through the financial help of generous people and personal savings of the Shipman family.

The Happy Hill Farm Academy has received accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. In addition, they are also a member of The Association of Boarding Schools, the Association of Christian Schools International and Texas Association of Private & Parochial Schools.

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