4 Ways To Stay Motivated At School

Getting a good education has never been so vital, but with ever-more stringent targets in education and performance continually being measured by exam results, many pupils are feeling the strain. So, what are the best ways for students to ensure they can remain motivated at school and achieve the best possible education?

1. Be Honest with Yourself and Other Pupils and Staff
In any walk of life it is usually a good idea to admit when you haven’t been able to do something, or to own up to mistakes. This is especially important at school or college. There is no shame in admitting you did not understand something and, indeed, any teacher worth his or her salt will be happy to devote extra time, perhaps at lunchtime or after school, to go over things you have found difficult.

It is equally important, however, to admit when you haven’t done something, say homework, or when you have misbehaved or done something wrong. Being honest may bring punishment, but it also brings respect. Playing your part in the creation of an atmosphere of mutual respect and honesty is one of the most important ways in which a positive and fruitful learning environment, for both student and teacher, can be achieved.

Motivation At School

2. Stay Positive
There are always days when nothing seems to go right; this is the same for everyone in every walk of life. The important thing is to try to get through bad times by being as positive as possible. Perhaps you have been told off in your last lesson; put it behind you, talk it over with someone else, particularly if you know he or she will be honest with you.

If you can and assuming the weather allows, go outside at lunchtime, even for a few minutes; have a look at some flowers or maybe a bird in the trees, as becoming absorbed in the natural world has been proved to increase positivity.

What seem like little problems and irritations can often be very important, but can also often be easily remedied. The conditions in which people work and study, for example, are increasingly being recognised as key factors in affecting how they feel and perform. Maybe your classroom or laboratory is old, with broken furniture and uncomfortable seats.

Have a word with your teacher, or maybe your council representative, because recently more funding has been allocated to the physical learning environment and companies such as Innova Solutions can create relaxed and comfortable conditions, with modern ddcor that can actively make students and teachers feel more positive about their learning environments.

3. Become a Buddy
There’s an old saying that there is always someone worse off than you. Volunteer to help someone who is less fortunate or is experiencing problems. Perhaps you could mentor a younger pupil who has been bullied, or maybe help someone who has literacy problems; this does not have to take up more than about half an hour per week and might even get you out of a boring registration period!

4. Make the Most of Your Talents
Everyone is good at something and even if you are never going to set the academic world on fire, you might be an ace guitarist, the team’s star player, or you may be able to bake the most delicious cup cakes anyone has ever tasted. Put your skills to good use, maybe by performing at anassembly, volunteering to coach disabled children or cooking for a charity event. Showcasing your skills will give you kudos and increase your

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