Associate Degree – Definition and Requirements

An Associate Degree is obviously a two years degree course awarded by career schools, colleges, universities, etc. Someone who earns associate degree has frequently earned about the credit of 60 colleges, which is equivalent to two years of degree course. So as to earn an associate’s degree, a student must complete the universal education courses, interior courses required for the college, major and elective courses. The graduate transfers the credit to bachelor’s degree program after earning an associate’s degree from a qualified school. The main types of these degrees are the Associate of Arts degree, Associate of Science degree and Associate of Applied Science degree. This type of degrees can be earned in the field of information technology, business administration, engineering, medical, childhood education and other career fields.

For various reasons people decide to earn a two years degree. For instance, the students who do not want to follow four year bachelor’s degree frequently choose to earn an Associate’s Degree since the course length is shorter than a conventional bachelor’s degree. The students must like to earn this degree due to inexpensive way to receive a higher education without investing a large amount of money. An additional benefit of this degree is that a large no of cities and towns have colleges and career schools which provide students of short range post secondary education. Some persons feel that they have no time to practice a two year degree course. Though, if they contact to the internet they can earn a degree from their home.

In United States and in western Canada Associate Degree is known as first two years of four years university or college degree. In the most parts of the Canada, these two or three years course at an area or in other colleges are not known as ‘degree’ but known as ‘Diploma in College’. This degree is also equals to the foundation degree and business and Technology Education or Council’s Higher National Diploma in the community and technical colleges of Britain.

The Requirement of time for Associate Degrees

Associate degree is given to those students who have interested to complete two years degree course. The general necessities which include in the course of studies are Composition English, Algebra, Social interaction, humanities, etc. Some persons pass on this degree in two years degree course because it is probable to get the degree in just about that time. A less significant diploma called a certificate is given for a particular study which may be finished in one or less than one year, such as qualification in a particular field of information technology which may continue for four to six months. In the United States many students go to part time than full time at two years degree courses. To putting up the part time students many of them who works most US society colleges presents necessary courses during the evening and weekend hours and even more on online. The information available on Associate Degree is normally disaggregated by the syllabus.

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