Distance Education Course – Who Can Perform Well?

Before knowing about the qualities of distance education, we must know what distance education is? Distance education courses are such courses which a student completes classes without classroom, teachers and a time-bound. The history says, distance education begin at the time of World War II. During World War II, the television programs begin in some countries, where the officers were used to teach many audio-visual courses and information. Afterwards, during 1960s many universities used to teach students through audio-visual system or television.

Distance Education: for whom?

Distance education courses basically for the people who couldn’t able to attend regular schools or colleges due to several reasons. Most of the service persons or jobholders who’re not able to attend the classroom education, due to their whole contribution in to their work; go for distance education courses. There are quite a lot of forums and universities under which distance education or distance learning programs execute; the people can do there.

Distance Education: who can perform well?

Here I am explaining some points about good performers of distance learning courses. These points may be testimony the students who’re good as distance learner or otherwise insist the students those who wants to go for that.

1. Distance learners are quite indifferent in their talent and nature of studying from other classroom learners. Distance learners are self-motivated who can perform and get through any subject without any guidance and lecture. Therefore, the continuing students must keep concentrate about this. This is because, in future they will not able to get any classroom studies or face to face learning practices, so.

2. Distance learners rarely postpone their assignments. If you want to go for distance education courses, you should not postpone your assignments at any cost. This is why? If you postpone one chapter or subject it will become a burden for coming days. This is because, as you do not have any guider or professor to alert you.

3. Comparing to other regular students, distance learners are good in reading commands. Though they learn without any classroom and lecturers, they are expertise in self study. Some of the institutions also provide video clippings and audio/audio-visual materials for learning. Due to learning through various international topics and commands they are very skilled as compared to others.
a. The continuing students also do practice in this concert to become good in reading commands.

4. Distance learners are always habituated with all-time distractions. As distance learners do not go schools to attend the classes; they used to study by self at their home only. During their preparation, they face a lot of disturbances in their home; may be of children’s annoyance or blaring, music or TV volumes. They can resist such type of distractions while reading and teaching their courses. The continuing students also get aware of these things, which they may face in their life.

5. Free from school barriers: the learners of distance education courses may not able be to attend the school programs, sports events, welcome or farewell events, annual functions etc of their school; however they are free from this kind of barriers which energizes to learn more from their coworkers and spouses at their leisure time. Distance education course learners also able to get vast knowledge directly from their professors or lecturers vide email or online chats.

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