5 Back to School Money Saving Tips For Parents

It always seems that just when summer is finally beginning, retailers start advertising all their “back-to-school” campaigns. Once these advertisements begin, you can probably find some pretty good savings on school related items such as office supplies and back-to-school clothing. Before you start digging into your savings account, you should know about some good ways to save money before you start your back-to-school shopping. Below are five tips that will help you save lots of money.

Keep an Eye Out For Sales
There are plenty of sales out there when it comes to back-to-school items. Stores, malls and retailers will start advertising on flyers and in the local newspapers at least a month before school starts back up. Some retailers post their sales on their websites and social media sites such as Facebook. Become a fan and like their pages to get the best of the sales and deals long before school is back in session.

Use Coupons
When most people go shopping, they overlook taking advantage of coupons. Coupons are the number one easiest way to save money, and a few coupons used together offer a big savings for shoppers. Always have coupons handy with you when you hit the malls and retail stores. You can look for coupons in newspapers, newsletters and online stores for the retailer. Take advantage of the savings you can get by using coupons.

Shopping Online
Today, online stores can be the cheapest way to shop. Usually, the online stores offer the best deals, sales and cheaper products. Not only are you saving money but your precious time as well. The only concern here is Internet security. Always be sure you are shopping on safe and secure guaranteed online sites.

Buying Bulk Items
If you have more than one child going back to school, consider shopping and buying in bulk quantities. If you do not need that many supplies, team up with your neighbors, co-workers or your friends to have a bigger and better savings.

College Book Scam
If you have a child in college, or one that has already gone through college, you probably know about the scam with textbooks. Professors often tell students they have to purchase a $200 textbook, and the student may or may not use it at all during the semester. When the end of year comes and the student tries to sell the book, it is of no use to anyone else because they have come out with a newer edition of the book. Many times, the professors write the books themselves to make money. They update the book yearly so that students have to buy a newer version. To avoid paying up to $1000 in college books, wait a few weeks after the classes start and see if the professor actually uses the book for class. If the professor assigns something from the book, have your child go to the library to use the book or find a PDF version of the pages on the Internet. This will save a lot of money versus buying a book that may not be used at all or only one time during the semester.

Saving money on back-to-school supplies is simple with a little effort and a lot of determination!

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