As US College Cost Rises, More American Students Consider Pursuing their Degrees Abroad

More recent studies showed that many teenagers from the US are planning to go out of the country to pursue their four-year degree program. It is their way to attend a top-ranked university at a more affordable cost than they would have to pay had they chosen to study in the US. According to British and Canadian student recruiters, over 10,000 Americans receive their undergraduate and graduate degrees in a neighboring country, Canada. And over 15,000 Americans pursue degrees in the UK despite them having to pay for international student fees, rooms and other expenses.

However, they don’t find these expenses a lot more difficult as compared to college costs in the private and public universities in the US. As tuition hikes nationwide and the state continue to do budget cuts, the interest of American students studying abroad has gone up. The University of British Columbia has reported that there was a 33 percent growth in US applications a couple of years ago.

Pursuing Degrees Abroad

In other news, High School counselors in California started encouraging students to consider pursuing college degrees beyond the country’s borders as the sluggish US economy could hurt them. Countries like Canada can offer students quality education at a lower cost in which annual costs for foreign students range from $14,000 to $26,000 in 2011. In comparison to the US average college cost in 2011, public universities net price reached $21,000 for foreign students and $28,000 at private four-year schools.

Comparing these figures between Canada and US in terms of college costs can show a big difference. The University of British Columbia is the top choice school among American students due to its capability to offer home-away-home experience as its location is comparable to US. Plus, the said university offers way cheaper tuition fee even adding to the expenses for international students compared to the likes of New York University.

Another advantage that these students can take is the fact that they can work in Canada for three years. According to the reports from the Canadian government, the American applications started growing during the late 1990’s until 2007. And the British Council firmly believes that more and more American students are interested in UK universities as the year passes by. To attest to this, there were 30 universities that took part in an online recruitment fair wherein British recruiters travel across the US to talk with parents and students at university fairs.

In some places in Britain like Wales and Northern Ireland, students can complete their undergraduate degrees in three years. Plus, the tuition for foreign students ranges from $11,000 to $40,000 a year. There are also several universities that administer US government loans to deserving, eligible students. American students can also work in the United Kingdom while finishing their degree during long vacations. The best thing about this opportunity is that students can have international working experience, which can be a good highlight in their resume. Hence, they won’t have a hard time landing a job back home upon graduation.

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