Key Technology Includes Chips, Transponders and Tricky Situations

Modern technology has made it more difficult for thieves to steal cars, but the trade-off for better security means that keys become more expensive to replace and harder to defeat when you lose or misplace them. Keys continue to have the remarkable power to disappear without leaving any clues, and labor costs at auto dealerships mean that you might have to apply for financing just to get back in your car.

In years past, keys activated lock pins through series of cuts and grooves, but most modern cars now use electronic key fobs as integral parts of the locking mechanisms. Transponder keys have computer chips embedded in the keys’ heads, and they emit signals to receivers in the ignitions. Wrong signals work like computer passwords, protecting vehicles from unauthorized use, and vehicles will not start unless the ignitions receive the proper coded signals.

A Trained Tucson Locksmith Keeps Current with New Technology
Automotive locksmith prices reflect the added expenses of smart-key technology. In the movies, criminals or counterculture heroes can defeat car
locks and ignition assemblies in seconds, but car manufacturers have countered this faulty impression by upgrading locks and ignitions. In real life, the movie might be over before the protagonist defeated a modern lock.

Tucson residents who lose their keys face real problems getting home or opening their vehicles. Trained locksmith technicians help to minimize the consequences of misplacing your keys because they train to unlock cars safely and quickly with people-friendly professionalism. These guys will not damage your vehicle or pose any risks of criminal conduct. You may have heard news stories about locksmith scams, but unqualified locksmith impersonators perpetrate these frauds.

A legitimate locksmith has a business license, tools and equipment. Professional locksmiths join trade associations and local community groups such as the better Business Bureau and Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce.
The Associated Locksmiths of American certify professionally trained locksmiths in the Tucson area and conduct background checks so that you trust member businesses to deliver skilled services.
Local locksmiths offer 24-hour emergency services.
Before you call for service, gather needed information about your vehicle’s make, model, and any verifying papers available to prove ownership.
Locksmiths can often duplicate keys from accurate information delivered by phone, but if that proves impossible due to smart technology, trained technicians could pick car locks with various tools of the trade.
Locksmiths Prices Include Ongoing Training and Equipment Costs
You might wonder about the prices of professional lock services, but these costs reflect training expenses, overhead, keeping current with evolving
technologies, and maintaining preparedness to handle emergencies. Smart keys might cost from $150–$350 to replace, but a great deal of these funds go to auto manufacturers, which maintain monopolies on their proprietary locking systems.

The trained, licensed and bonded Tucson locksmith makes your best ally when you lose your keys, want security advice or need rekeying of residential or commercial locks. Technicians who train at local schools like The Arizona School of Locksmith Services or Phoenix Locksmith Institute learn about all aspects of security, modern biometric locks, smart home and automotive locks, installing commercial doors and hardware, selling safes and security alarms and troubleshooting computer locks.

Locksmith prices are very reasonable in Arizona—in fact, Tucson lock technicians earn the lowest pay of locksmiths in any region of the United States, so Arizona residents always get bargains when they compare the prices to those in other parts of the country.

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