Win That GSA Research Grant!

Win That GSA Research Grant!

The Geological Society of America provides support for masters and doctoral thesis student research in geology and earth sciences via the GSA Research Grant each year. In 2010 over $600,000 US was handed out for proposals made by student applicants in a highly competitive process. If you are an eligible student the odds may be stacked against you but the awards, each capped at $4000US are the jewels in the crown for geological science students.

GSA has a large amount of information available online regarding the application process and your application can be completed entirely online. A GSA Research Grant is open to any student currently enrolled in a major associated with geology and earth science in schools across the Americas. This includes international students and the GSA particularly encourages women, minorities and disabled students to apply.

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Your grant application does not require academic transcripts, but rather is in the form of a research proposal. You need to detail what research work is needed for you to complete your master’s degree or thesis and how you plan to use the funds provided to achieve this. The more closely that the proposed research subject for your GSA Research Grant application matches the work of the Geological Society, the more likely it will be that your proposal will be successful.

For that reason, it is worth carefully researching the history of the GSA and the current projects being conducted and supported. This will help you to tweak your application so that it has the greatest chance of success. There is always strong competition for the limited number of awards on offer. Of the 538 proposals submitted this year, only 276 could be funded. So it pays to do your homework and prepare your application with thought and on time.

Application materials for the GSA Research Grant close in February each year and you will need to make sure your GSA membership is up to date at the same time.

Like most graduate grants, the GSA Research Grant comes with conditions as to the way you may use the funds. The research grants are true academic grants in that funding may be used for the purchase of necessary research equipment and your own living expenses like room and board but are not available to be used for tuition fees. You should also consider finding out what other financial assistance you may be eligible for from other sources to cover tuition.

The GSA also offers a number of other grants and awards for undergraduates, minority undergraduates, post doctorate studies as well as graduates. This generous range of financial assistance across the gamut of higher education steps from the Geological Society allows you to apply for different awards as you progress through your study. The opportunity that presents from having a long-term relationship with a professional organization through a GSA Research Grant is that it could really pay off long term when you commence work.

Winning a GSA Research Grant is a real achievement for students in the earth sciences field and can not only assist with study but also prove to have long-term career benefits.

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