Nursing Grants – Find Out More to Progress Your Career!

Nursing Grants – Find Out More to Progress Your Career!

Nursing grants are some of the most exciting grants out there, as we are experiencing a national shortage of nurses. There are several ways to fund your future career and current schooling. Ensure you set yourself up for success by following the tips below to ensure you get nursing grants to pay for your school.

First off, go to your school financial aid office to look for nursing grants. They will tell you to ensure you have done your taxes for the current year as early as possible. As soon as you have filled out your taxes, you can do your FAFSA and it will put you in line for nursing grants. These nursing grants will be decided by many factors, but your financial aid office will not even see you until you’ve filled out your FAFSA. Then, once they can see you, they can start talking to you about any nursing grants your school, county, state, or federal government might offer. This is not, however, the end of your search for nursing grants.

After you have conducted a thorough search at your school’s financial aid office, you should poll your local hospitals and places where nurses work. These places can tell you all about where to go to get nursing grants. If they don’t know, they will help you get to the right places to find someone that does know about how to get nursing grants.

Next, ask any friends or coworkers if they know where to get nursing grants. People that are already nurses are a priceless resource when it comes to nursing grants, and they can tell you all about their own trials and tribulations when it came to getting their own grants. They can share with you personal experiences and let you know the ins and outs of how to best get the grants.

Finally, if all these sources are exhausted, check the internet and your local library for more nursing grants sources. The internet is, of course, chock-full of information about how to get nursing grants and the library has complete books on how to get grants. If you can, use email to coordinate some of the steps above…find contacts and email them about how to get nursing grants before and/or after you visit some of places listed above. Sometimes, after you visit their office, they will think of something they forgot or meet someone who would have been just the person to get you in touch with someone to get you grants.

If you can’t find conventional grants, you can always start asking around for businesses to sponsor you with a grant. There are lots of companies that might sponsor you in exchange for volunteer work, advertising, or other experiences that you might offer to their company later on. The worst thing they can do is say no!

The above should have given you some motivation and information on how to go about getting your grants. This should help you go out there and take care of your education!

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