FSEOG Grants – Making School Affordable for You

FSEOG Grants – Making School Affordable for You

If you’ve heard of FSEOG grants, you may be wondering exactly what they are. This article should address any questions you have and give you some tips for how to score FSEOG grants. Keep reading for more information.

FSEOG stands for Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. This grant is for undergraduate students that show “exceptional” financial need. This means that your FAFSA shows that you make little money and that you will need the money from the government. These grants pay out anywhere from a hundred dollars to $4,000 a year.

The money will be disbursed directly to you by check or can go into your school account and you can use the money for your own expenses. This means that you could use the FSEOG grants money to purchase books if you have money already to pay your tuition or other expenses. Also, if you need other school supplies (computers or transportation expenses), you could use the money to pay for these things.

FSEOG grants are relatively easy to get. The only things that you can do to ensure you are eligible for FSEOG grants is to make less money. If you are already making little to no money, then you will be eligible. Ensure you are an independent student if at all possible. This means that you won’t have to deal with the deal that most students deal with (i.e. having parents that make too much money to qualify for FSEOG grants), and you will only have to show that your income counts. Also, if your parents are under hardship, you will probably want to remain a dependent student so that you can show need. Look carefully at your own situation before making any earth-shattering decisions to get your FSEOG grants.

FSEOG grants are for people that show more need than people that get Pell grants, so if you are genuinely in need, you will find yourself in this category. Make sure you fill out your FAFSA, and you will automatically be entered into your school’s database to find out if you qualify for FSEOG grants. You will want to fill the FAFSA out as early as possible once you have done your taxes. When the money for FSEOG grants runs out, the government will not give any more out, even if you are more eligible than the next guy. Your tax paperwork is due to you by the end of the month of January after the year ends, so you should be able to complete your FAFSA by February.

You also can only get FSEOG grants for undergraduate study. There are other grants available for graduate study, so use FSEOG grants for your undergraduate study only. The only other stipulation is that the student must be an American citizen or eligible non-citizen.

So, if you would like to or think you could qualify for an FSEOG, you should do the following: fill out your FAFSA, be an eligible citizen or non-citizen, show “exceptional” need, and be ready to take the money!

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