After School Grants – How To Increase Your Chances of Finding and Obtaining Grants


Are you looking for after school grants in order to fund an after school program or day care? If so you may be surprised to find out that there are a number of organizations out there that offer after school grants. This article will show you were to begin your search for after school grants.

After school grants are typically offered by private organizations. Some community service organizations may offer after school grants in order to help those in the community that are interested in starting new after school programs. You may want to check with such organizations as the Lions, Kiwanis, and college fraternities and sororities. Some local governments may also offer after school grants for child care programs or for professional child resources.

The majority of after school grants that you will find will mostly likely be gears toward the development of new services to assist children in the community. So this would be something to look into if the type of organization that you want to start helps families or provides child care. The grants will most likely be awarded to individuals with proposals for charitable organizations for the community and not for a for-profit business.

If you find that you need assistance in finding after school grants you may want to start by searching the internet first. If you have trouble finding something that meets your specific situation or ideas, you should try looking locally for fundraising counselors. Additionally you can contact the Small Business Administration to find out how you would go about applying for after school grants. Not only will you be able to apply for after school grants from information offered by SBA members but they might also direct you to special resources available for women or minority owned businesses.

The department of education is another organization that offers after school grants. Every year they dedicate millions of dollars to funding after school and community educational programs. Some for profit corporations also may offer after school grants. So if there is a company that you frequently do business with or you are aware of a company that you might use for some services for your new after school program, you may want to contact them and let them know about your idea and find out if they are willing to fund it or provide a donation.

Finding the after school grants is not as hard as you think. But it can be difficult to actually obtain the grants. Some final tips regarding searching for grants are regarding preparation. The best thing to do is make sure that you are prepared before you even talk to those parties who would be responsible for awarding you the after school grants. Practice your sales pitch for your idea in advance and make sure that you have some clear goals in a plan in mind as to how your organization will function. It would also be helpful to employ or seek out a professional grant writer so that that person can point you in the right direction of what you should expect for the grant application process and give you some guidance on how to actually prepare your grant proposal.

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