High School Grants – Do They Exist and How Do You Get Them?

The cost of schooling for children these days is rising at an exponential rate.  Thirty or forty years ago the idea of high school grants might have seemed ridiculous but more and more high school grants are becoming necessary.  Today high school grants are available for those children who would like to attend private high schools but require financial assistance.  This article will show you how to locate and apply for high school grants.

A little known fact is that while there are a number of private organizations that offer high school grants the government also offers high school grants.  These government high school grants are available to only low income families and typically have very strict qualifications for application.  Unless you have significant financial need and are a part of a low income household, your best bet is to focus on those grants being offered by private organizations.

Another reason why you might want to apply for grants is if you have a handicapped or special needs child.  By doing a search on the internet you will be able to locate a number of high school grants that are specifically geared toward students that are special needs children.  Regardless of your particular situation the first place that you will want to look for grants is with the school that your child is interested in attending.

Most often the high school grants will come directly from the school itself or the high school grants will come from a private organization that is close affiliated with the school and seeks to provide awards to those students attending that particular school.  It is very rare that you will come across grants that are not affiliated with a particular school because of the fact that high school grants are not awarded as often as grants for a college education.

However not all hope is lost when applying for high school grants.  If you start to do some research and apply for the grants that you find well before your son or daughter is accepted to the high school, you will have a much better chance of obtaining the award.  Another recommendation is that if your child has several years to go before he or she will begin applying to private high schools is that you become affiliated with an organization that is known to provide high school grants.

For example, if you are aware of a volunteer or youth organization that regularly awards high school grants it would be a wise decision to have your child become a member of that organization.  Then when the child begins to apply to high schools he or she will be eligible to apply for a grant from that organization.  Some private organizations don’t even allow grant applicants that are not members of the organization to apply so this is why it is wise to start thinking about these things before the need for the grant arises.

These are just a few tips to help you get started in your search for grants for high school.  It is definitely possible to get some assistance with paying for a high school education.  The only difference is since these grants are not yet as popular as college grants, they may be a little more difficult to find but they are definitely out there and waiting for you to apply for them.

  1.  Deborah Hickman says:

    I’m looking for a grant for my grandson to enter a private school environment. He is now in high school but unable to focus due to his ADHA and speech problems. They live in Columbus Ohio area. Please advise.

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